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Stealing A Second Chance - Kristin Lee

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Book: Stealing A Second Chance
Author: Kristin Lee
Series: Sarasota Sharks, #1
Genres: Sports Romance, Contemporary
Format: Kindle Unlimited
Publication Date: 27th January 2022

My Rating: DNF @ 49%
Date Finished: 30th April 2022


One crack of the bat drove us apart...
And also binds us together—forever.
The silence and rejection stings.
But, at some point, I have to quit fighting for her—for us.

I’ve been pretending for so long, it’s become normal.
To the average person, I have it all…a multi-million-dollar contract to play baseball, four homes, and if I choose—my pick of any gorgeous woman on my arm.

The only problem?
The one woman I want—no, need—in my life completely erased me from her memory when we were only teens.

I’d give everything up for a second chance with Kenni Davis, my best friend’s little sister.

When a ghost from my past is traded to the Sarasota Sharks—where I’m the Public Relations Director—I’m hit with the realization that I cannot keep running from my past, no matter how desperately I want to.

The moment our eyes meet, I know he still loves me…
And I can’t deny that I still love him, too. But betraying my brother isn’t an option.

It’s been eight, long years since I’ve seen my soul mate. Wils thrusts himself back into my life and makes me second-guess everything. And honestly, I’m tired of running. Being near him again, after all this time, still brings me to my knees.


The author asked if I'd review her book so here goes.

This starts with a prologue in which we see a young Kenni and Wils out fishing with her brother while being a little flirty with each other. Then we fast forward eight years and Wilson has transferred to the team that Kennison works for while he recovers from a shoulder injury. His reappearance knocks Kenni for six and they struggle to deal with heavy emotions that the sight of the other causes. Wils has been in love with Kenni for the last eight years and is here to make her his once more while she is trying her best to keep him at arms length.

I wasn't the biggest fan of the writing style with this one. It wasn't the smoothest for me and the lack of contractions to a lot of words got on my nerves a little. It made it seem very formal at times and affected my enjoyment.

I also felt like we'd missed out on a lot of their back story. We get the odd scene here and there but nothing too in-depth of their time together so I struggled to get into their romance. I persevered with this thinking that I might fall into their story but it never really happened. I eventually stopped trying to get into this when they ended up in bed together because I didn't feel anything for them as a couple. It wasn't working for me.

I did like Wilson in his determination to do something in the memory of his friend and to rekindle his romance with Kennison. Everything else paled in comparison to him wanting her back in his life and it was sweet to read. Kenni was a bit of a conundrum. I wasn't as keen on her as Wils. She was very standoffish and a little cruel at times to Wils, cutting him out of her life when her brother sadly passed away from an accident. I wasn't her biggest fan to be honest.

This didn't gel with me personally and I won't be continuing the series.

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