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Ill Will - Cate Corvin

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Book: Ill Will
Author: Cate Corvin
Series: Bonds of Blood, #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Reverse Harem, Bully Romance
Format: Kindle Unlimited
Publication Date: 19th August 2019

My Rating: 🌕🌕
Date Finished: 4th April 2022


Mercilessly beautiful cruel. Relentlessly sensual vicious. Utterly delicious vile.

Marrying into the famous Godalming slayer-clan was supposed to be my family’s big break. Our clan is fractured, my brother is dead, and my mother’s spirit was broken by the ordeal. I’d do anything to make her proud and see her truly smile again.

I’d even spend a year in the snobby, prestigious Libra Academy with Lord Godalming’s gorgeous son.

I don’t know what I did to earn Will Godalming’s seething hatred, but he’ll do anything to get rid of me for good, even if he sometimes seems like the only one who understands me. Sura Enver is almost irresistible with a cruel streak a mile wide, but he’s hiding dark secrets under those knockout looks. And when I put a dying vampire out of her misery, I end up at the very top of an ancient warrior’s hit list. No sane slayer angers Càel the White Wolf, the fiercest knight of the vampires’ Clouded Court.

They’re unstoppable. Wicked. Malignant. And each wants to make me suffer. Between the torment of Libra’s eat-or-be-eaten rules and the rising threat of a new vampire king, enemies prowl on all sides.
But they’re messing with the wrong slayer.


I picked this up from the KU Library due to its description and the Goodreads rating.

This starts with Tori and her stepbrother Will heading to the slayer academy where Tori has got a full years paid scholarship from her new stepfather so she can fulfil her dead brothers wish to attend the school - only she feels very unwelcome thanks to her stepbrother and all the other students. She feels a connection to her stepbrothers best friend, Sura, and the physical attraction to her stepbrother isn't helping much either.

I wasn't sure about this one. I do enjoy an occasional reverse harem series but this one...well, I didn't quite get the dynamics. Most of the ones I've read before tend to be friends who are willing to share. This one is full of secrets and people who weren't that fond of each other most of the time. I just didn't understand it, really.

I think Sura was probably my favourite character in the book. He was a great mix of good and bad. His connection to Will tended to be the thing that made him do bad things but when we got things from his POV, then we saw that he wasn't always behind what Will wanted to do and his conflict because of it. 
Will came across as a spoilt brat at times. Yes, he was hurting but to blame Tori when it was actually his dad he should be mad at annoyed me. 
Cael is a bit of an enigma. We don't know all that much about him yet but he does seem to be the most protective of Tori but he is supposed to be her enemy so there's that little issue.

I didn't enjoy this enough to continue the series.

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