Saturday, 30 April 2022

Stealing A Second Chance - Kristin Lee

                                                60123566. sy475
Book: Stealing A Second Chance
Author: Kristin Lee
Series: Sarasota Sharks, #1
Genres: Sports Romance, Contemporary
Format: Kindle Unlimited
Publication Date: 27th January 2022

My Rating: DNF @ 49%
Date Finished: 30th April 2022


One crack of the bat drove us apart...
And also binds us together—forever.
The silence and rejection stings.
But, at some point, I have to quit fighting for her—for us.

I’ve been pretending for so long, it’s become normal.
To the average person, I have it all…a multi-million-dollar contract to play baseball, four homes, and if I choose—my pick of any gorgeous woman on my arm.

The only problem?
The one woman I want—no, need—in my life completely erased me from her memory when we were only teens.

I’d give everything up for a second chance with Kenni Davis, my best friend’s little sister.

When a ghost from my past is traded to the Sarasota Sharks—where I’m the Public Relations Director—I’m hit with the realization that I cannot keep running from my past, no matter how desperately I want to.

The moment our eyes meet, I know he still loves me…
And I can’t deny that I still love him, too. But betraying my brother isn’t an option.

It’s been eight, long years since I’ve seen my soul mate. Wils thrusts himself back into my life and makes me second-guess everything. And honestly, I’m tired of running. Being near him again, after all this time, still brings me to my knees.


The author asked if I'd review her book so here goes.

This starts with a prologue in which we see a young Kenni and Wils out fishing with her brother while being a little flirty with each other. Then we fast forward eight years and Wilson has transferred to the team that Kennison works for while he recovers from a shoulder injury. His reappearance knocks Kenni for six and they struggle to deal with heavy emotions that the sight of the other causes. Wils has been in love with Kenni for the last eight years and is here to make her his once more while she is trying her best to keep him at arms length.

I wasn't the biggest fan of the writing style with this one. It wasn't the smoothest for me and the lack of contractions to a lot of words got on my nerves a little. It made it seem very formal at times and affected my enjoyment.

I also felt like we'd missed out on a lot of their back story. We get the odd scene here and there but nothing too in-depth of their time together so I struggled to get into their romance. I persevered with this thinking that I might fall into their story but it never really happened. I eventually stopped trying to get into this when they ended up in bed together because I didn't feel anything for them as a couple. It wasn't working for me.

I did like Wilson in his determination to do something in the memory of his friend and to rekindle his romance with Kennison. Everything else paled in comparison to him wanting her back in his life and it was sweet to read. Kenni was a bit of a conundrum. I wasn't as keen on her as Wils. She was very standoffish and a little cruel at times to Wils, cutting him out of her life when her brother sadly passed away from an accident. I wasn't her biggest fan to be honest.

This didn't gel with me personally and I won't be continuing the series.

Monday, 25 April 2022

Frat Wars - Saxon James

                                              58896219. sy475
Book: Frat Wars
Author: Saxon James
Series: Frat Wars, #1
Genres: MM Romance, Sports
Format: Kindle Unlimited
Publication Date: 8th November 2021

My Rating: πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒœ
Date Finished: 24th April 2022


We’re basically Romeo and Juliet. But dudes. And without all the dying.


Being VP of Sigma Beta Psi is wild. I get all the benefits of being in charge with hardly any of the responsibility.

Parties, pranks, and frat politics—college life has never been sweeter.

Until I meet Bailey Prince.

He has the face of a goddamn angel. I don’t know where he came from or why I’m so obsessed.

But I do know he’s a Kappa.

And our houses have a rivalry that’s written into legend.


At Rho Kappa Tau, I’m a legacy.

It’s a lot of pressure, but I’ve always been responsible, never had that rebellious need to rock the boat, and I like it that way.

But after a party at Sigma—the jock frat—I meet Chad Doomsen, and for the first time in my life I want to step outside my square.

Our houses have always had a rivalry, but some of the guys seem to hate Chad specifically, and I don’t know why.

He’s surprisingly sweet and kind. At least to me.

I need to stay away. A relationship with Chad would be betraying the very legacy that brought me here.

But I can’t help myself. And it seems, neither can he.


Grabbed this from the KU Library when it was recommended to me after really liking Savage Rivals.

This starts with Chad pulling a prank on his rival frat house by placing black film on the windows that will take forever for them to get back off. Later on, he heads to a party and meets Bailey - who he instantly feels attracted to - and is determined to get him into bed until Bailey figures out who he is and grudgingly leaves - as he is from the rival frat house. Nevertheless neither can stop thinking about the other and before long they've started a relationship.

As a non-American I don't really understand the whole fraternity/sorority thing so that bit didn't really grab me at all with this. It was definitely more the connection between Chad and Bailey. 

Even from that first meeting when it was instant attraction and I-must-take-this-guy-home-with-me you could see sparks. Chad was a real sweetheart; the jock with a heart of gold and Bailey was great, too. They made a cute couple and I did enjoy reading their romance.  It was super cute in the end.

I've looked up the second book in the series and it's Robbie's book. I did grow to like him by the end of this one so I may pick it up in the future.

Thursday, 21 April 2022

Black Truth, White Lies - Hailey Edwards

                                                59772326. sy475
Book: Black Truth, White Lies
Author: Hailey Edwards
Series: Black Hat Bureau, #3
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Demons, Witches, Romance
Format: Kindle Unlimited
Publication Date: 7th December 2021

My Rating: πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒœ
Date Finished: 20th April 2022


When one of Santa’s reindeer meets a grisly end during the annual A Downtown Dickens Christmas Festival, Rue realizes her enemies are closing in on her location, and Samford will pay the price.

But when one creature turns into two, and two into three, and then three into four, Rue knows the problem is bigger than a singular threat to her new hometown. And that’s before a holiday shopper strolls into Hollis Apothecary claiming to be a long-lost relative. Of her father’s.

As old loyalties are tested and new relationships threaten to unravel the fabric of her identity, Rue must choose either the family she was born into or the one she created for herself, and the losing side might not survive her decision.


I read the first two books in this series a few months back in January and enjoyed them so when I noticed this in the KU Library, I downloaded it.

This starts with Rue and co and her small town holding a type of festival where they're dressed in costumes and have a reindeer in town.  When the reindeer is brutally killed by a creature that had been dumped in their on purpose Rue and friends hunt down the creature and then try and find the perpetrator only to find a few more mysteries in regards to Rue's past and her parentage.

I do enjoy this band of characters and, of course, Rue's slow going relationship with Asa. That's one of the main reasons for me continuing with this series. It's really cute how the author has taken these two newbies to romance and wrote this sweet brewing romance where even Asa's demon is in "fascination" with Rue. I'm actually loving that bit. He's like this big oversized puppy who wants his hair touched all the time and to protect her from threats. Add in Colby and Clay, the girls and now Aeden and yeah. I'm very into this series.

I can't wait for more books in this series!

Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Enemies - Tijan

                                            49047293. sy475
Book: Enemies
Author: Tijan
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Enemies to Lovers, Sports
Format: Kindle Unlimited
Publication Date: 1st December 2019

My Rating: πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒœ
Date Finished: 13th April 2022


Stone Reeves was my neighbor, and I've hated him since sixth grade.

Gorgeous and charismatic, he became the town's football god, while I became the town's invisible girl.
He went to a Division 1 school for football, while my father was fired by his father.
His team won the National Championship, while my mother died the same day.

He was a first round pick for the NFL ...
... while I made the worst decision of my life.

Now I'm in Texas trying to pick up the pieces of my life.
But, Stone is here.
Stone is everywhere.

It doesn't matter that disaster has struck my life again.
It doesn't matter that he's the one trying to console me.
It doesn't matter that he's the nation's newest football obsession.

Because for me, he always has been and always will be my enemy.


I read quite a few books by this author when New Adult was just becoming a thing back in 2013/14 but haven't really touched any of her books since but when I saw this in the KU Library I decided to download it and see if I still liked her work.

This starts with a rather harrowing prologue where our main girl is attacked by an unknown male. We then move forward and she is transferring colleges to focus on marine biology and moving into a room in a football party house. She tries to get on with her housemates and deal with her stepmother - who keeps calling - while trying to settle into the new location. When she's contacted out of the blue by her old best friend turned enemy - Stone Reeves - she tells him where to go but when he turns up on her doorstep with bad news she has no-one else to turn to in her time of need and things take an unexpected turn.

I was pulled into this so quickly. The anger and resentment she felt towards Stone made me think something good was going to come of it - eventually. They went through a lot of highs and lows together and it culminated in some rather all-consuming sex scenes. 

I actually really enjoyed their story from using each other as an outlet for their anger at what had happened in the past to confessing feelings and that "epilogue after the epilogue" - which I loved! I even shed a few tears at times for the crap they'd endured.

I will most definitely be keeping an eye out for more of this authors books in the future.

Sunday, 10 April 2022

A Ruin of Roses - K.F. Breene

                                               58785677. sy475
Book: A Ruin of Roses
Author: K.F. Breene
Series: Deliciously Dark Fairytales, #1
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Retellings, Shapeshifters
Format: Kindle Unlimited
Publication Date: 8th October 2021

My Rating: πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•
Date Finished: 8th April 2022


I could save him, but he would ruin me.

The beast.
The creature that stalks the forbidden wood.
The dragon prince.

He has suffered a fate worse than death. We all have. A curse put upon us by the mad king.

We are a kingdom locked in time. Shifters unable to feel our animals. Stuck here by a deal between the late king and a demon who seeks our destruction.

The only one keeping this kingdom alive is Nyfain, the golden prince to a stolen throne. The last dragon shifter.

He’s our hope.
He’s my nightmare.

When he catches me trespassing in the forbidden wood, he doesn’t punish me with death, as he’s entitled.

He takes me, instead. Forces me back to the castle as his prisoner. Seeks to use me.

Apparently, I can save him. I can save the whole forgotten kingdom, locked away by the demon king’s power.

But it would mean taming the monster beneath his skin. It would mean giving myself to him.

It would mean my ruin.


I do like me a good K.F. Breene book.

This starts with Finley waking from a nightmare where she almost came face to face with the Beast in the Forbidden Woods. She needs to collect some everlass to keep making her elixir - her attempt at an antidote to the curse that has been destroying her world for years - and the everlass plant is only found in the Forbidden Woods. Only she runs into trouble after her latest venture into the Wood and the Beast comes to take her for her crimes.

I was pulled into this pretty quickly. I wasn't sure where it was going to go after the beast took her but then it got interesting. We went to the castle and saw some crazy orgy going on - which I was not expecting! - and the beast asking one of the revellers to take her to her room in the tower before we got to know quite a bit of what had been happening in the castle and about the curse.

The romance aspect of this was rather erotic with some very detailed sex scenes going on between Finley and Nyfain. They also had a few touching moments here and there.

I've been struggling on how to word this for a few days now so I'm just going to post this. I've started book 2 already because I'm intrigued how they're going to overcome the curse and get their HEA.

Monday, 4 April 2022

Ill Will - Cate Corvin

                                            55539124. sy475
Book: Ill Will
Author: Cate Corvin
Series: Bonds of Blood, #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Reverse Harem, Bully Romance
Format: Kindle Unlimited
Publication Date: 19th August 2019

My Rating: πŸŒ•πŸŒ•
Date Finished: 4th April 2022


Mercilessly beautiful cruel. Relentlessly sensual vicious. Utterly delicious vile.

Marrying into the famous Godalming slayer-clan was supposed to be my family’s big break. Our clan is fractured, my brother is dead, and my mother’s spirit was broken by the ordeal. I’d do anything to make her proud and see her truly smile again.

I’d even spend a year in the snobby, prestigious Libra Academy with Lord Godalming’s gorgeous son.

I don’t know what I did to earn Will Godalming’s seething hatred, but he’ll do anything to get rid of me for good, even if he sometimes seems like the only one who understands me. Sura Enver is almost irresistible with a cruel streak a mile wide, but he’s hiding dark secrets under those knockout looks. And when I put a dying vampire out of her misery, I end up at the very top of an ancient warrior’s hit list. No sane slayer angers CΓ el the White Wolf, the fiercest knight of the vampires’ Clouded Court.

They’re unstoppable. Wicked. Malignant. And each wants to make me suffer. Between the torment of Libra’s eat-or-be-eaten rules and the rising threat of a new vampire king, enemies prowl on all sides.
But they’re messing with the wrong slayer.


I picked this up from the KU Library due to its description and the Goodreads rating.

This starts with Tori and her stepbrother Will heading to the slayer academy where Tori has got a full years paid scholarship from her new stepfather so she can fulfil her dead brothers wish to attend the school - only she feels very unwelcome thanks to her stepbrother and all the other students. She feels a connection to her stepbrothers best friend, Sura, and the physical attraction to her stepbrother isn't helping much either.

I wasn't sure about this one. I do enjoy an occasional reverse harem series but this one...well, I didn't quite get the dynamics. Most of the ones I've read before tend to be friends who are willing to share. This one is full of secrets and people who weren't that fond of each other most of the time. I just didn't understand it, really.

I think Sura was probably my favourite character in the book. He was a great mix of good and bad. His connection to Will tended to be the thing that made him do bad things but when we got things from his POV, then we saw that he wasn't always behind what Will wanted to do and his conflict because of it. 
Will came across as a spoilt brat at times. Yes, he was hurting but to blame Tori when it was actually his dad he should be mad at annoyed me. 
Cael is a bit of an enigma. We don't know all that much about him yet but he does seem to be the most protective of Tori but he is supposed to be her enemy so there's that little issue.

I didn't enjoy this enough to continue the series.

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