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The Kiss Quotient - Helen Hoang

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Book: The Kiss Quotient
Author: Helen Hoang
Series: The Kiss Quotient, #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Format: Kindle Unlimited
Publication Date: 5th June 2018

My Rating: 🌕🌕
Date Finished: 27th February 2022


Stella Lane thinks math is the only thing that unites the universe. She comes up with algorithms to predict customer purchases—a job that has given her more money than she knows what to do with, and way less experience in the dating department than the average thirty-year-old.

It doesn't help that Stella has Asperger's and French kissing reminds her of a shark getting its teeth cleaned by pilot fish. Her conclusion: she needs lots of practice—with a professional. Which is why she hires escort Michael Phan. The Vietnamese and Swedish stunner can't afford to turn down Stella's offer, and agrees to help her check off all the boxes on her lesson plan—from foreplay to more-than-missionary position...

Before long, Stella not only learns to appreciate his kisses, but to crave all the other things he's making her feel. Soon, their no-nonsense partnership starts making a strange kind of sense. And the pattern that emerges will convince Stella that love is the best kind of logic...


This starts with Stella being told my her mum that she's hoping for grandchildren very soon, despite Stella being single. It makes her start thinking about things and after a work colleagues insensitive comments she decides to look up male escorts hoping that one can learn her about sex. She selects Michael from the list and after a disastrous first encounter, offers him a deal - spend the next three Fridays with her learning her things she has on her list.

I wasn't won over by this one. It sounded like it would be right up my alley. I love the idea of escorts falling in love with their clients - being the romance lover that I am - but I struggled with this. It started promising in those first few chapters but then I kind of lost interest.

I made myself finish this to see if it would grab my interest further on but it didn't. I can't say that I'd grown attached to either main character although I did like reading Michael's attentiveness with Stella's autism. He just always seemed to know the right thing to do or say to calm her.

I've only read two other books where one of the main characters had autism so this was different for me considering how many books I go through. I've also never read a book that centred around Vietnamese culture. It was interesting.

I'm not sure if I'll continue the series but Quan grew on me.

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