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Song of the West - Nora Roberts

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Book: Song of the West
Author: Nora Roberts
Genres: Romance
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 4th March 2021
Original Publication Date: April 1982

My Rating: 🌕🌕🌕
Date Finished: 5th February 2022


Former Olympic gymnast Samantha Evans and her twin sister Sabrina have chosen very different directions in life, but they are still as close as sisters can be. So when Sabrina begs her twin to help her out during her pregnancy, Sam leaves her big city life behind for the countryside.

Sam thought she knew what to expect on her sister's ranch. But she wasn't expecting to find gorgeous but infuriating Jake Tanner - or to have to deal with his teasing. Sam tries to keep her distance but something keeps pulling her back. Perhaps there's more to Jake than meets the eye...


Another book I got from The Works.

So this starts with Sam at her twin sisters ranch in Wyoming where she's readily given up her job to help her pregnant sister out until the baby comes. While helping out her sister and brother-in-law she hears about the rancher next door - Jake Tanner - and it isn't long before she meets him. He immediately gets on her bad side when he doesn't introduce himself and lets her wrongly assume that he's just a regular ranch hand. Jake makes his attraction known and Sam fights it with everything believing he's already in a relationship with wealthy Lesley.

In a way you could tell this was old. Jake smoked cigars and was a bit of a domineering guy in his dealings with Sam. Sam was a bit proper in her thoughts and feelings and how she acted with everyone but I did enjoy their story up to a point. 

It's short compared to the other Nora Roberts books I've read so I didn't feel like we saw enough interaction between them for them to fall in love. I'm pretty sure Sam says she loves him at the half way point in the book and it took me by surprise considering she keeps pushing him away and telling him off all the time. Jake was rather persistent and I did like his secretive little smirks when he knew he was getting under her skin.

Of course I'll be reading more books by this author.

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