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How to Knock Up Your Nurse - Melinda MInx

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Book: How to Knock Up Your Nurse
Author: Melinda Minx
Genres: Romantic Comedy, Erotica
Format: Kindle Unlimited
Publication Date: 27th November 2020

My Rating: 🌕🌕🌕
Date Finished: 31st January 2022


It all started with a fishing hook in my nipple. And no, it wasn’t anything kinky. I’m just very bad at fishing.

Emily was my nurse. She unhooked me, then we hooked up. She was the best I'd ever had, but sometimes you have to throw back the perfect catch. Because she was going off to Alaska to become a doctor, and not even my billions of dollars could change her mind.

I didn’t know how badly I wanted her until she was gone, and then it was too late. I knew she’d forever be the one who got away.

But fast forward four years and nine months, and Emily came back. Apparently fate wasn’t done with the two of us—well, now it was the three of us.

I’d never thought of myself as dad material, but after spending one afternoon with my kid, I knew I needed to be a father to my son...except Emily still thought I was a playboy who wasn’t fit for the job.

I may have knocked up the nurse, but now it's time to wife the hell out of the doctor.


This popped up as a suggestion on Amazon as a Kindle Unlimited read and I thought, why not?

It starts with Emily being at work and asked to go and deal with the latest patient who the doctor referred to as a VIP. Upon entering the room, she's instantly drawn to the shirtless man in the bed with the bandage on his chest. Turns out he's managed to hook a fishing hook through his nipple and Emily has been tasked with removing it, only Silas Winters - the patient - is flirting with her endlessly while she does it. He tells her he'll be at the bar across the street in a while if she wishes to go there, too. Despite herself, Emily can't help but go to the bar and they hit it off for a day before she's told the opportunity of her career is waiting for her in Alaska and she needs to be there in two weeks. Almost five years later and now a doctor she heads back to New York - only she now has a 4 year old in tow - and on their first day back they bump into Silas.

I wasn't sure how to feel about this one after that initial meeting in the hospital. It was a rather in-your-face flirtation. I almost expected them to start going at it on the examination table. It actually took a little while before the sex happened and it was a detailed one night thing before she had to go across the country for her job.

Yeah. I can't say I was pulled into these twos romance. It was obvious they were both hoping for more when Emily arrived back in New York but I never really invested in their relationship. It was all happening so quick, I never felt a connection between the characters other than the physical. And the sex scenes were rather graphic but I actually skipped them whenever they started because I didn't feel anything.

The best bits for me were Elijah and Bella - the four year old and the Corgi - who added a lot of light entertainment to the book.

I don't think I'll be reading anymore of this series. (Which aren't actually classed as a series but the covers give them away.)

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