Thursday, 29 July 2021

My Only Reason - Leigh Lennon

                                             55532140. sy475
Book: My Only Reason
Author: Leigh Lennon
Series: Love is Love, #1
Genres: MM Romance, Sports Romance
Format: Kindle e-Book
Publication Date: 15th October 2020

My Rating: πŸŒ•πŸŒ•
Date Finished: 29th July 2021


It's a cliche' really, falling in love with my best friend, my very straight best friend. And to add more complications, I'm a football player, about to be drafted. We're manly men. We aren't supposed to be gay. But I am and I love the one person I'll never have. Until fate forces us together six years later. It'll be both a fantasy and hell on earth, playing along Crush—the only man who will ever truly own my heart.

He dropped a bomb on me. Then he left, never looking back. Our friendship—ruined until he lands back in my life. His presence is just as big as ever. I never forgot him, or what that one kiss so many years ago still does to my body. He's here, but is he willing to stay.


I picked this up for 99p at the beginning of the year. I think the cover drew my eye more than anything - Look at that cover! πŸ’–

This starts with two friends in the locker room after a crappy game and Crush trying to find out what's wrong with his best friend, only for Ryder to kiss him and then storm out, ignoring Crush's texts and leaving without saying anything. Fast forward six years and Ryder is transferring to a new team - Crush's Team - and Crush can't decide if he's happy or annoyed to see the man who kissed him and walked away all those years ago, especially when he hasn't been able to forget what it felt like.

I struggled to get into this from the start. It didn't draw me in and I never really felt that spark between our characters. It didn't bode well for when they got together - I skipped all the sex scenes - because I like to feel something for my characters and I just wasn't gelling with these two guys. Also, as a non American, I have no idea what half of the game play talk is about. That's another part that I skipped.

I am a sucker for cute children in my MM Romances, though, and there are two very cute little girls in this; Loretta and Brooklyn.

If you like MM stories and sports romances, then you will more than likely enjoy this.

Up Close & Personal - Kathryn Freeman

                                              53440678. sy475
Book: Up Close & Personal
Author: Kathryn Freeman
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 3rd September 2020

My Rating: πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•
Date Finished: 28th July2021


She can’t let him out of her sight…

Sizzling chemistry, a page-turning will they/won’t they romance and the hottest twist on one of your favourite movies…
British actor Zac Edwards is the latest heartthrob to hit the red carpets. Hot, talented and rich, he sends women wild…all except one.

Close protection officer Kat Parker hasn’t got time to play celebrity games.  She has one job: to protect Zac from the stalker that seems to be dogging his every move.

Zac might get her hot under her very starched collar, but Kat’s a professional – and sleeping with Zac is no way part of her remit…


Picked this paperback up from one of my favourite has everything stores The Works.

This starts with Zac, an up and coming film star heading to a studio party to wine and dine with the execs when he bumps into an attractive woman he feels an instant connection to. They flirt a little but she manages to elude him in the throng of partygoers. It's the next day when he meets her again at the studio, and it turns out she's been tasked with keeping him safe from the stalker he appears to have picked up after his latest film shot him to stardom. Their mutual attraction simmers beneath the surface but Kat is determined to keep him at arms length and their relationship professional but what is she to do when an attractive film star is trying his best to seduce her?

This starts at full speed with Kat literally falling into Zac and dowsing him in her champagne and Zac quickly becomes smitten and the flirting is nice and continues for quite a while. Even when he finds out she's set to be his new bodyguard he can't help but be drawn to her - even while moaning about not being able to live his life normally. It was a fun dynamic.

But then it seemed to stutter a little. Nothing exciting happened, even though Zac was filming a movie and we had a crazy stalker on the loose. It was like the author chose to focus on the will they, won't they romance between our characters instead of some of the fun things a celebrity could have been up to, although Zac did visit Silverstone at one point. Even the romance got a little boring at times - Zac would do his usual charming flirting and Kat would shut it down fast. It got a little repetitive.

My favourite character would probably be Debs, Kat's 14 year old niece who was a little bit bratty at times with her hormones going riot but who was wiser than her years at times in telling her aunt to go after the man she wanted.

I'd give this 4 star for the first half and 2 stars for the second, so an overall 3 stars for this book.

Sunday, 25 July 2021

Magic Unleashed - K.M. Shea

                                            53195027. sy475
Book: Magic Unleashed
Author: K.M. Shea
Series: Hall of Blood and Mercy, #3
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Romance, Vampires, Witches
Format: Kindle e-Book
Publication Date: 17th April 2020

My Rating: πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•
Date Finished: 25th July 2021


Ever had ex-housemates you can’t get rid of?

When Killian and the rest of the Drake vampires kicked me out of their mansion without any explanation, I felt beyond betrayed…

I was livid!

But I refused to waste my energy thinking about them. Thanks to all the free training I got while living with vampires, I had the skills I needed to finally free my family. I even got my house back! Best yet, I can pass on the magic techniques and fighting skills I’ve learned to all the wizards in our group.

As long as I ignore the rotating vampires standing watch on the corner across the street, life is normal again…until the fae risk injuring hundreds of supernaturals just to stage a surprise attack on Killian.

There’s no way I’m going to let the fae get away with this. I may be furious with Killian, but I hate bullies even more.

But, big surprise, my good deed won’t go unpunished. I knew I’d face a fallout for saving the most feared and lethal vampire in the Midwest—I just never imaged the lengths Killian would go through to protect me and win me back…


The last book in the trilogy! Eeep! I really hope this has a good ending. Here goes...

This starts with Hazel training with her House after reclaiming it at the end of the last book. She's trying to get a law passed that will stop what happened to her happening to others as well as gaining allies in the magical community. When Killian comes forward wanting to become an ally, she's dubious as he never does anything without an agenda but when he starts to let her into his schemes and treating her as an equal she can't help but be pulled back under his spell and the attraction that had started to blossom flares back to life. Hazel tells Killian that she won't start anything with him, though, until they sort out the issue of the Night Court.

I do like this group of characters a lot. Killian's close knit group of vampires are really likeable and even Hazel's witches grew on me in this one. So when they worked together? I was grinning like an idiot at their antics and camaraderie. 

And let's not forget Killian and Hazel's relationship. Killian changed quite a bit - in a good way - letting Hazel show him other ways of getting want he wanted without killing everyone who annoyed him. He also started to treat Hazel as an equal, which is a big thing for him. I was just feeling a little wowed by how it all worked out perfectly.

I did miss some of the things that normally happen in romance books - like more intense contact than just kisses - but at the same time I did like their dynamic. It was cute.

I am going to miss these guys but I've read the authors notes and the other book titles by her and seen that the next door neighbour, Leila? is going to be getting her own series and I'm intrigued enough to think of buying it or other books by this author.

Friday, 23 July 2021

Magic Redeemed - K.M. Shea

                                             51966890. sy475 
Book: Magic Redeemed
Author: K.M. Shea
Series: Hall of Blood and Mercy, #2
Genres: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Vampires, Witches, Romance
Format: Kindle e-Book
Publication Date: 20th March 2020

My Rating: πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•
Date Finished: 22nd July 2021


I thought life would be easier after I unsealed my magic.
Spoiler: it’s not.

I want to free my family from my traitorous cousin, but with all the allies he’s got guarding his back, even my new powers won’t be enough to beat him. My best bet is to use my parents’ signet ring to prove my claim of leadership.

There’s just one problem…

I can’t find it!

Things aren’t looking so good for my vampire housemates, either. As Killian Drake’s conflicts with the fae get worse, it's clear that war will break out soon if something doesn’t change.

Plus, Killian has gotten really weird about smelling me and invading my personal space. Every time he comes near my heart almost pops out of my chest, but I’m sure that’s just terror caused by being so close to the most feared vampire in the region.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

So, I’m a wizard searching for a ring while trying to survive living with a bunch of vampires and their deadly and suddenly touchy-feely leader. Yeah, life is definitely not easier.


So, I jumped straight into this one after finishing the first book and even bought book 3 because I am that intrigued by where this book is going to end up going - and also because the author has clearly stated that this is a slow-burn romantic trilogy and I really like both Killian and Hazel.

This one picks up two months after the events of the first with Hazel still living and training with the Drake vampires as she tries to take back control of the house she had to abandon when her cousin staged a coup. Hazel now has full use of her magic and is even managing to take down lower members of the Drake household in one on one fights. She just needs to find the signet ring so she can claim control of her House

I loved Killian's sense of humour at times. I laughed at so many of his throwaway comments. And how modern his vampires are! It was fun to see people who had been around for hundreds of years knowing and executing wrestling moves on enemies.

The progression of their relationship was subtle and really well done so as to make it believable. And then Killian went and ruined it - though he did have some reasoning behind it, I suppose.

I wasn't expecting Hazel to fight for her house in this one but good for her for showing Mason and co that she is no longer the push-over from months before. It was great to see that all the training she'd been doing and the words Killian had been drilling into her were true.

Already started book 3!

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Magic Forged - K.M. Shea

                                              51804106. sy475
Book: Magic Forged
Author: K.M. Shea
Series: Hall of Blood and Mercy, #1
Genres: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Vampires, Witches
Format: Kindle e-Book
Publication Date: 28th February 2020

My Rating: πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•
Date Finished: 21st July 2021


I'm one scrappy wizard. As someone with barely a flicker of magic, I've spent my life being mocked and surviving fights with bullies. But when my parents die in an accident, and I find myself responsible for our whole wizard house and family, I know my usual tactics aren't going to cut it.

The situation veers from bad to catastrophic when my backstabbing cousin stages a coup and takes my family hostage. I barely manage to flee, but the only supernatural willing to help me is Killian Drake - the most feared vampire in the region, and a far more deadly villain than the jerk threatening my family.

Is Killian sexy and charismatic? Heck yeah.

He's also so powerful that my flight or fight instincts kick in every time our eyes meet. And he's definitely using me as his personal magic detector in his feud against the local fae.

But Killian is also the first person to believe I might have more than just a scrap of magic. And if I can convince him to train me, I might get strong enough to free my family and get my house back.

I'm not sure what happens when a scrappy wizard is taught how to fight by a hall of deadly vampires, but I'm about to find out.


I've had this on my Kindle since the start of the year so it isn't that old but the covers been catching my eye for a while.

This starts with Hazel trying to outrun a fellow wizard who wants to eradicate her weak power from the bloodline of her house, despite her being the heir. Only when she finally arrives home, it's to learn that her parents have been killed in a car accident and she is now in charge. When a distant cousin decides to stage a coup she has no choice but to run and seek help from her allies but because of her weak powers, no one is willing to help - apart from Killian Drake, head of the ruthless Drake vampire family. 

I was slowly drawn into this. I wasn't sure at the start but as soon as Killion Drake was properly introduced and Hazel was his employee and he started training her/having her trained, then it became quite fun and quirky. I loved their dynamic. They weren't exactly friends, not enemies either. They made an effort for the other on various occasions throughout and Hazel got away with a lot compared to anyone else. It had me intrigued as to where that may end up going...

I had visions of a romance from pretty early on but nothing happened really in this one. It certainly hasn't put me off, though, and I've already gone and bought books 2 and 3 because I want to know what's going to happen next with this group of vampires, as well as between Hazel and Killion and also Hazel getting her House back from the back stabbing cousin.

Already started book 2, will review that soon.

Sunday, 18 July 2021

Love Me Never - Sara Wolf

                                             26077450. sy475
Book: Love Me Never
Author: Sara Wolf
Series: Lovely Vicious, #1
Genres: Young Adult, Romance-ish, Dark
Format: Kindle e-Book
Publication Date: 5th April 2016

My Rating:  πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•
Date Finished: 18th July 2021


Fire meets ice. Love meets hate.

Seventeen-year-old Isis Blake hasn’t fallen in love in three years, nine weeks, and five days, and after what happened last time, she intends to keep it that way. Since then she’s lost eighty-five pounds, gotten four streaks of purple in her hair, and moved to the Buttcrack-of-Nowhere Ohio to help her mom escape a bad relationship.

All the girls in her new school want one thing – Jack Hunter, the Ice Prince of East Summit High. Hot as an Armani ad, smart enough to get into Yale, and colder than the Arctic, Jack Hunter’s never gone out with anyone. Sure, people have seen him downtown with beautiful women, but he’s never given high school girls the time of day. Until Isis punches him in the face.

Jack’s met his match. Suddenly everything is a game.

The goal: Make the other beg for mercy.

The game board: East Summit High.

The reward: Something neither of them expected.


I picked this up for free early last year and something about the cover pulled me in after finishing my last book, so here goes.

This starts with Isis - Isabelle - invited to a party by the popular girls at her new school, hoping they can make a fool out of her if/when she makes some sort of faux pas. Instead she makes friends with tipsy Kayla who confesses the plan and Isis tries to avoid everything but then she sees Jack - the schools Ice Prince - and is intrigued by him. When he insults her new friend, she can't help but lash out and punches him in the face. This leads to an all out war between them with pranks and secrets flying about the halls of their school. Only, somehow, they grow closer and the line between love and hate is a very fine thing.

I loved Isis from early on. Well, her humour anyway. I did sympathise with Isis and her outlook on her self. I'm a bigger girl who's lost some weight but I still see myself as bigger. I felt for her. she'd been through some crap but she had a great way of dealing with it all with her wit.

Jack was a conundrum but I do feel like we knew him pretty well by the end. I grew to like him quite a lot, although I could have happily slapped him a few times throughout.

There were a few dark scenes described in this of both Isis and Jack's pasts involving sexual situations that not everyone will like to read.

I can't say I was happy with how the author chose to end this book. With amnesia and a broken spirit. And meeting a particular character while having amnesia?!

Also, because it didn't quite pan out how I would have like it to, I haven't decided if I'll continue the series or not.

Friday, 16 July 2021

Unsuitable - Samantha Towle

                                              32195722. sy475
Book: Unsuitable
Author: Samantha Towle
Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Dark
Format: Kindle e-Book
Publication Date: 1st October 2016

My Rating: πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒœ
Date Finished: 16th July 2021


Daisy Smith has spent eighteen months of her life paying for a crime she didn’t commit. Now out of prison, she has only one focus—to get back custody of her younger brother, Jesse, who is deep in the foster care system. Desperate to rebuild her life and show the system that she is responsible enough to care for Jesse, she takes on the only job available to her—working as a maid at the Matis Estate.

On day one of her new job, Daisy meets Kastor Matis, the only son of the owners and her new boss. An enigmatic, handsome Greek god of a man, Kas is closed off, cold, and…well, kind of a bastard.

The more time Daisy spends around Kas, she starts to see there might be more to him than just his cold, bastard ways. He may actually have a heart beating in that frozen chest of his.

But Kas has secrets, too. Secrets that he’s determined to keep.

Secrets make Daisy curious.

And you know what curiosity can do…


I'm trying to read some of my older books and this has been sitting on my Kindle for 18 months waiting patiently to be read, and Samantha Towle is one of my "will read whatever she writes" authors so I'm hoping I like this.

This starts with a rather harrowing prologue. A young man has been beaten to within an inch of his life, along with his girlfriend who unfortunately doesn't survive the attack. We then go forward a few years and see Daisy being questioned about a crime she didn't commit and for which she spends 18 months in prison for. In the present Daisy is being released and is given a job as a maid at a big house - the Matis Estate - where Kastor Matis is an aloof boss. But the more time Daisy spends around him, the more she begins to see a softer side to him at times and before she even realises, she's falling for him but Kas is hiding something and Daisy is determined to figure out what it is.

I don't know with this one. For the first 75% or so I was pulled in hook, line and sinker but then I started to lose interest. It was various things. Daisy's nosiness; Kas's lying; the where is this going to end up going? If it hadn't been for the extended Epilogue, I wouldn't have been impressed by the way this ended. Luckily they did get their HEA, it just took 3 and a half years after the ending.

I've just read the Author's note at the end and she says Kas is one of the most complex characters she's ever written and I have to say that I did find him complicated. He pushed her away, he pulled her back in, he showed her his softer side and then his more ruthless one. I'm not surprised Daisy felt like she was going to get whiplash from his hot and cold routine. But at the same time it was hard to not care about him.

There are some dark themes in this, as I mentioned above. It does get described in more detail throughout the book and even Daisy almost has a horrifying experience. 

As I've also mentioned, I am a fan of Samantha Towle and I look forward to reading more from her in the future.

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Anew - Chelsea Fine

Book: Anew
Author: Chelsea Fine
Series:The Archers of Avalon, #1
Genres: Young Adult, Love Triangle, Romance, Fantasy
Format: Kindle e-Book
Publication Date: 5th December 2011

My Rating: πŸŒ•πŸŒ•
Date Finished: 14th July 2021


Two years ago, Scarlet awoke in the forest alone, afraid, and unable to remember anything. Lost and confused, her life was a mystery...until she met a boy with a familiar voice.

Gabriel Archer has a voice from her past, and Scarlet's determined to remember why. She immerses herself in his life only to discover he has a brother he's kept hidden from her: Tristan Archer.

Upon meeting Tristan, Scarlet's world becomes even more muddled. While she's instinctively drawn to Gabriel, she's impossibly drawn to Tristan--and confused out of her mind. As she tries to piece together her history Scarlet realizes her past...might just be the death of her.


I've had this on my Kindle for years - 5 to be exact - so it's about time I read it, don't you agree?

This starts with a prologue. Scarlet wakes up in the middle of a forest with no memory of anything other than her name. Fast forward two years and she now has a best friend, a guardian and a senior year of school to look forward to. She meets Gabriel in the summer before school starts at her towns Kissing Festival and they grow close, but after a while it becomes obvious he's hiding something. Following him home one day she realises it isn't Gabriel but a twin brother he hadn't mentioned and that she feels a deep connection to him straight away which she demands answers about. Does she know him from her past?

I struggled to get into this for the first 35% or so. The Kissing Festival just seemed so weird and then Scarlet is instantly drawn to these two people but she doesn't really question it much. From the 75% mark I was reading to see what would end up happening and it did kind of take me by surprise but at the same time, it didn't. It didn't blow me away by any means.

I'm also not that interested in what happens next. I never really got dragged into their love triangle - though I think moody Tristan would have been my preferred guy for Scarlet - and I can't say much happened in the book. It was a little boring at times, taking too long for things to progress at the start.

I think books have grown a little more intense and exciting in the 10 years since this was released and this is very tame compared to some of the books I've read recently, maybe that's why I wasn't that into it.

Monday, 12 July 2021

Sophia - D.B. Reynolds

Book: Sophia
Author: D.B. Reynolds
Series: Vampires in America, #4
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Vampires
Format: Kindle e-Book
Publication Date: 19th January 2014

My Rating: πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒœ
Date Finished: 12th July 2021


The Pacific Northwest . . . home to lush forests and constant rain, to lumberjacks and computer geeks, especially those of the vampire kind.

Sophia, beautiful and deadly, has spent the last hundred years dancing her way through the balmy nights and hot-blooded men of South America. But when her Sire sends an urgent summons, Sophia rushes home to Vancouver only to find he has disappeared, leaving nothing behind but three dead vampires and a letter with Sophia’s name on it.

Colin Murphy, a former Navy SEAL, came to the Northwest seeking a quiet place to heal the scars earned in more than a decade at war. But when someone starts killing local vampires and torturing their mates, Colin takes on the mantle of a warrior once again as he sets out to find the killers and do whatever it takes to stop them, even if that means hunting with vampires.

Following her Sire’s trail of death to a small town in northern Washington, Sophia unexpectedly discovers the heat of a South American night in Colin’s arms. But too soon Sophia and Colin find themselves in a race to uncover the killers before the next dead vampire becomes Sophia herself.


I've had this book for several years, I think, after reading books 1-3 in quick-ish succession but not enjoying the third as much as the previous two. I also have books 5 and 6.

This starts with Sophia on a plane from South America up to Canada where her Sire, Lucien, has summoned her but upon her arrival finds him missing with only a letter left for her. After reading it she heads south into Raphael's territory to ask if he's heard or seen of Lucien and then tells him of some murders which have happened in Lucien's territory. Raphael has recently lost some vampires, too, and they team up to try and find the men behind the killings before more vampires lose their lives.

I think the thing I like most about this series is that it always contains more of Raphael and Cyn and their relationship which book 1 of this series focused on and they've been a main focus of every other book in the series so far since, as well as focusing on another couple - though mainly on Raphael and Cyn.

I did feel a little like Sophia's and Colin's romance was a little rushed in this. I know they had a past but it felt like they fell back into it very quickly and easily considering it had been 10 years and he thought she was dead.

I was rather appreciative of Raphael and his powers in this one. He used them for revenge and I was cheering him on all the way.

As mentioned above I do own books 5 and 6, too, but I'm not in a rush to continue the series quite yet.

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

A Day That Changed Everything - Beth Moran

                                              54275504. sy475 
Book: A Day That Changed Everything/How Not To Be A Loser
Author: Beth Moran
Genres: Chick Lit, Romance
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 24th March 2020

My Rating: πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒœ
Date Finished: 6th July 2021


Amy Piper is a loser. She’s lost her confidence, her mojo and her way.

But one thing she has never lost is her total love for her thirteen-year-old son Joey, and for his sake she knows it’s time for a change. But first she has to be brave enough to leave the house…

What she needs are friends and an adventure. And when she joins a running group of women who call themselves The Larks, she finds both. Not to mention their inspiring (and rather handsome) coach, Nathan.

Once upon a time Amy was a winner - at life, at sport and in love. Now, with every ounce of strength she has left, she is determined to reclaim the life she had, for herself and for Joey. And who knows, she might just be a winner again – at life, sport, and love, if she looks in the right places…


I picked this up from my favourite book store - The Works.

This starts with Amy struggling with her agoraphobia while her thirteen year old son is invited to trial for a swimming team. She's never seen him swim, only on videos that her old coach and friend Cee-Cee has filmed over the years. But she wants to be there for him and to do that, she needs to overcome her fears and comes up with a plan - The Stop Being A Loser Programme. Feeling most comfortable leaving the house in the dark she decides to take up jogging in the early mornings, not expecting to run into anyone. Only she keeps running into the same man, Nathan, on her runs - and it also turns out he's her sons new coach for the swimming team - as well as a personal trainer and leader of the local running club, the Larkabouts.

I'll admit I wasn't sure what to expect from this. Chick Lit is not always a hit for me. I've only found a handful of authors whose books I've enjoyed but I like to branch out occasionally to try and find more. 

This hit a chord with me early on but I honestly couldn't tell you what it was about it. I just grew mesmerised by this poor mum who wanted to be there for her son but couldn't bring herself to even leave the house after the events of her past. It was nice watching Amy overcome all her issues with the help of Nathan and a few other close friends she meets after joining the Larks.

The romance between her and Nathan was slow and sweet but I kind of missed out on more of them romantically. I think the only kiss they shared was on the last page but you could tell they wanted to try and be together a little before them.

I also liked that this is set locally to me - or near enough, anyway. I live closer to Sheffield than Nottingham but Ponds Forge even gets a mention which is about a twenty minute car ride away. I like how the author wrote in the local dialect as well. It was quite fun, actually, as most of the books I read are set in America.

I will be keeping my eyes open for more of this authors books in the future.

Monday, 5 July 2021

Mr Grumpy Boss - Lindsey Hart

                                              55600555. sy475
Book: Mr Grumpy Boss
Author: Lindsey Hart
Series: Alphalicious Billionaires Boss, #1
Genres: Office Romance, Contemporary
Format: Kindle e-Book
Publication Date: 15th October 2020

My Rating: πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•
Date Finished: 4th July 2021


My boss saw it...
The diary where I wrote all the hot shit about him.
By shit, I really mean SHIT.
Like the highest degree of criticism you will ever find.

I couldn't help it, okay.
It's pretty stressful working for the jerk,
And I needed a place to vent.
I just never thought I'd be stupid enough to accidentally hand over the notebook from hell to him.

Guess I might as well start writing my resignation letter.
Because there will definitely be no mercy from the Devil.
Or so, I thought.
Instead, Mr. Grumps came back with more orders.
And no, they were not orders about reformatting his documents for the nth time.

If I wanted to keep my job, I had to pretend.
Pretend not to hate him.
Pretend to be head over heels in love with him.
Pretend to be his girlfriend.

Hell, the devil really knows how to strike his bargain.
Now, I had to choose.
Which one would be worst?
Losing my hard-earned job or inviting the Devil into my life as my "boyfriend"?


I picked this up for 99p a month or so ago after enjoying a run of office based romances.

This starts with Sutton writing her feelings into a document on her computer where she's been ranting about her boss, Phillipe, and his demanding ways for a while, only for a colleague to come tell her that he was acting strange in his office. Sutton runs to his aid, knowing it's a panic attack, and calms him down before he demands she change an error in a document she sent him and then send it back. In error she sends the journal with her rants about him. In response Phillipe asks her to be his date for his sisters upcoming wedding in an effort to stop his mums meddling.

I think this was pretty predictable but still an enjoyable read. It was quite short at just over 200 pages long but I must confess my interest kept waning to other things. It was very heavy on the telling how the characters felt but we didn't really see much showing - unless they were in bed together. I don't know. It just seemed to be lacking something.

I wasn't a big fan of the ending, either. I liked Phillipe finally growing a pair and pouring his heart out but the way it cut off and we were suddenly in the Epilogue? Hmm. I felt like I missed out on quite a lot even though the author gave us a condensed version. At the same time the kids were cute and to see the interaction between parent and child had me smiling.

I'm not sure if I'll continue the series.

Thursday, 1 July 2021

Darkest Hour Before Dawn - Charlie Cochet

Book: Darkest Hour Before Dawn
Author: Charlie Cochet
Series: THIRDS, #9
Genres: Paranormal, MM Romance, Shapeshifters
Format: Kindle e-Book
Publication Date: 25th April 2017

My Rating: πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒœ
Date Finished: 1st July 2021


THIRDS Team Leader Sebastian Hobbs and Chief Medical Examiner Hudson Colbourn are as much in love now as they were nearly seven years ago when a tragic event on the job destroyed their relationship. The two drift together only to be pulled apart time and time again. When Hudson draws the interest of dangerous enemies, both within and outside the organization, Seb wants nothing more than to protect the man who still means everything to him.

As life and death events, an uncertain future, and startling truths draw Hudson and Seb to each other yet again, they must make a choice: trust their love and take strength from what they share, or lose what matters most for good this time.


I bought this back in 2018 before realising I hadn't read book 8 which I grabbed off KU earlier this year.

This one doesn't follow the usual Dex and Sloane, though they are in it, but instead Doc Hudson and Seb - who we've seen a lot of in the series so far - and we delve into their history and relationship hardships after separating while being bonded mates.

It's hard to go into any real detail about this one without giving a lot away. 

Hudson and Seb's relationship goes through a lot of highs and lows in this one. It's never been plain sailing for these two but I'm glad they finally get their HEA. It is much deserved and I was so happy for them but I did feel the continuous on again/off again thing got a little annoying after a while.

Several secrets come to light in this one - some that have been brewing for several books - and now there's only one book left for me to read to finish this series! The one with Dex and Sloane's wedding. I'll be revisiting the series at some point to finish it.

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