Monday, 28 June 2021

The Mixtape - Brittainy C. Cherry

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Book: The Mixtape
Author: Brittainy Cherry
Genres: Music, Romance
Format: Kindle e-Book - Kindle First Reads
Publication Date: 1st July 2021

My Rating:  🌕🌕🌕🌕
Date Finished: 28th June 2021


Since the death of his twin brother, Oliver’s caught between pleasing his fans and finding himself. Emery finds him first.

Emery has never felt more alone. Raising her daughter is both her pleasure and her pain as she struggles to hold on to her job as a bartender and keep a roof over their heads. With no one to help them—no support system—any unexpected expense or late bill could turn their whole world upside down.

Reeling from the death of his twin brother and bandmate, rock star Oliver Smith is trying to drink his problems away. Apparently he isn’t very good at it; they follow him wherever he goes. Also in hot pursuit are the paparazzi, who catch Oliver at his lowest low.

He could have walked into any bar in California, but he walked into hers. Emery helps Oliver lose the crowd, and they find themselves alone: two people whose paths are marked with loss and pain. However, they hold an unshakable hope for healing. They find solace together, but can their love withstand the world?


I got this from Amaazon's First Reads program for 99p at the start of the month.

This starts with Oliver and his twin brother Alex at a music party/event when they both decide to head out together. Unfortunately, they get hit by a speeding driver and Alex dies from his injuries. Fast forward six months and we see from Emery's POV. She's struggling to make enough money to keep her and her daughter in food and even to keep the roof over their head. One night she goes to work at the bar and none other than music sensation and now recluse Oliver Smith is sat in the back. When he starts to be recognised by the people in the bar, Emery ushers them out and ends up taking a very drunk Oliver home, only to be fired the next day for not closing the patrons tabs. When Oliver finds out, he offers her a job and a friendship begins to bloom between them.

I did like this. It took a while for me to get into it but once I did, well, I pretty much devoured it. The story is emotional dealing with death, emotional abuse and the after effects of rape but it also shines with love and forgiveness.

The connection that Oliver and Emery shared was great. They both helped the other in so many ways that their romance was almost inevitable. How could they not fall for each other after all the nice things they'd said and done for each other?

I loved the interactions between Oliver and Reese. They poked fun at each other and loved it. They were a really cute twosome and I loved how they continuously bounced back and forth while growing close almost instantly.

As for Emery and Sammie's parents? They were the worst set of overbearing parents I've ever read about. They truly were vile to their children in their over-religious/self-righteous way and I could gladly have banged their heads together a few times throughout those "past" chapters.

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