Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Bossy Grump - Nicole Snow

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Book: Bossy Grump
Author: Nicole Snow
Series: Bad Chicago Bosses, #2
Genres: Office Romance, Romance, Contemporary
Format: Kindle e-Book - Kindle Unlimited
Publication Date: 28th March 2021

My Rating: 🌕🌕
Date Finished: 9th June 2021


You know that awkward moment when your lava-hot boss says "marry me?"
Not for love. Not for real. Not without a mammoth payoff.
Of course, this fortune comes with a ginormous snag—Ward Brandt.

Call me bananas.
I must be short of a full bushel rejecting Chicago's finest billionaire.
Who knew he was my boss when he crashed my worst date ever?
Oh, but he found out.
He swore I wasn't fit for Brandt Ideas, chewed me up, and spat me back out.
I vowed I'd prove him wrong—and sabotage a metric ton of his coffee.

Then tragedy strikes, upending his limitless ego.
Guess who needs an image makeover to shore up the family business.
Big fat hell no.
King Snarlypants has a peanut-sized heart and a chip on his shoulder bigger than a redwood.

Find another sucker, Ward-hole.
Even if I agreed, my shields are up.
No magnetic kisses. Zero butterflies. Nix the blushing when everyone gushes over what a “perfect couple” we'd be.
Then's just ninety days and mama needs a windfall.
What's one little white wedding lie with a bossy grump built like a god?


I got this from the Kindle Unlimited Library. 

I was hoping that Paige would get her own book after the events of the first book in this series and she did! I'll admit I don't remember a whole lot of her from the first but I do remember her throwing a pie at the main guy for what he'd done to her friend.

So...this starts with Paige meeting a Tinder date before heading out to the art gallery showing that she's really looking forward to - and her date is dreading. While there, Paige is intrigued by the stern guy in the impeccable suit wandering through the exhibit and trying to avoid spending too much time with her now drunk date. Things get a bit dicey when her date tries to force her into a dark corner and she is rescued by the suited guy. It's only the next day that she realises that the suited guy is her new boss and he is not impressed by her behaviour the night before.

I was enjoying this for the first 50% or so with the antagonising of each other and then the fake engagement but then my interest started to wane. It was taking too long to get where it was going. As I've mentioned several times in my reviews, I'm not the biggest fan of long books - unless they're by a certain author whose initials are MZ - I like a book to be between 250 - 350 pages because, if I'm into the story, I can quickly finish them in 2-3 days. This whopper at 502 has taken me over a week.

The romance was a slow burn and there were times when I could have happily punched Ward repeatedly for the stupid things he said and did to Paige. He was just so clueless. It all worked out in the end, though.

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