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Ruthless Kings - Laura Lee

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Book: Ruthless Kings
Author: Laura Lee
Series: Windsor Academy, #2
Genres: Young Adult, New Adult, Dark, Bully Romance
Format: Kindle e-Book - Kindle Unlimited
Publication Date: 30th July 2020

My Rating: 🌕🌕🌕
Date Finished: 19th April 2021


In a world filled with secrets, lies, and cruelty, only the strongest will survive.

I’m living proof of that.

But being left for dead has made me question everything I thought I knew.

I want to believe I have allies in these ruthless games, but the more truths I unravel, the more twisted and tangled the web becomes.

And the deeper I fall down the rabbit hole, the more determined I am to bring them down.


I got this from Kindle Unlimited.

This picks up where the cliffhanger of the last one left off. Jazz is having dreams of being with her mum and sister again before her mum disappears and she wakes up in a hospital. She no longer knows who she can trust but is determined to find out who was behind what happened to her.

I, too, wanted to find out who was behind the attack on her. I had a few suspects on my list as to who put them up to it but I was more bothered about who the guy was. He really wasn't nice at all.

As for the rest, the main story arc is progressing nicely in this one - it's not the most comfortable thing to read about. Dirty old men wanting to have sex with people their children's age - their children being 17/18. That's one of the darkest bits about this series and the bit I like least. When it was just coming across as a bully romance, I was very into this - now I'm a little creeped out about the fact stuff like this might actually happen.

Other than that, I found this a little...bleh. It didn't grab me like the first one did, though the progressing romance between Jazz and Kingston was nice. I even liked reading about Ainsley and Reed's blooming romance.

I will be reading the next and final part of this trilogy just to find out how they take the bad guys down.

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