Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Kate In Waiting - Becky Albertalli (Netgalley)

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Book: Kate In Waiting
Author: Becky Albertalli
Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Format: Kindle e-Book - Netgalley
Publication Date: 22nd April 2021

My Rating: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌜
Date Finished: 23rd March 2021


Contrary to popular belief, best friends Kate Garfield and Anderson Walker are not codependent. Carpooling to and from theater rehearsals? Environmentally sound and efficient. Consulting each other on every single life decision? Basic good judgment. Pining for the same guys from afar? Shared crushes are more fun anyway.

But when Kate and Andy’s latest long-distance crush shows up at their school, everything goes off script. Matt Olsson is talented and sweet, and Kate likes him. She really likes him. The only problem? So does Anderson.

Turns out, communal crushes aren’t so fun when real feelings are involved. This one might even bring the curtains down on Kate and Anderson’s friendship.


I got this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

It's been a long time since I last read a Young Adult book and when I saw this on Netgalley, I had to request it - because Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda/Love, Simon! - and I honestly wasn't expecting to be approved, so YAY! Thank you Penguin Random House for this.

This starts with Kate and her best friend Anderson saying goodbye to their mutual summer crush, Matt, at their summer camp. Only Matt turns up at their school as a new student and they immediately try and get in classes with him but only Andy is successful though they all have the school play together. When all three get major parts in it, they see it as a way to get close to Matt but the friends decide to not let jealousy get in the way of their friendship but find out it's a lot harder putting that into practise.

I could have happily read this in one sitting last night, I was that into it. I put it down around midnight and picked it up first thing this morning so I could figure out how it was going to go (though I had a feeling about who was going to end up with who - and I was right!)

I liked the dynamics between Kate and her group and even her brother, Ryan. They were so close knit and I liked their outlook on school and boys and theatre. They made me smile a lot. 

Then there was Noah - Ryan's friend and someone she used to be close to. After breaking his wrist and being out of Baseball for the season Noah is now in the Drama class and must take part in the play, too, and asks Kate to help him with singing lessons that actually get him a part in the play. I really liked Noah. He's a bit crazy but he grew on me a lot.

I'm glad these two friends found happiness and love.

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