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Fused In Fire - K. F. Breene

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Book: Fused In Fire
Author: K. F. Breene
Series: Fire and Ice Trilogy, #3, Demon Days, Vampire Nights, #3
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Vampires, Romance, Demons,
Format: Kindle e-Book - Kindle Unlimited
Publication Date: August 2020

My Rating: 🌕🌕🌕
Date Finished: 5th March 2021


I'd thought the threat from Seattle was finished. That we showed up in time and took care of business.

I hate being wrong. It really ruins my day.

When Roger, the alpha of the North American pack, shows up at my door with the news that a demon has made it to the Underworld with knowledge of me, some hard decisions have to be made.

Do I stay above ground, with all my magical friends, and wait for the battle to come to me? Or do I seek the demon out, and pluck the threat out by the root?

I don’t want my friends to die on my behalf. I could never life with myself. But if I venture into the Underworld, it’ll be the most perilous journey of my life.

This time, it isn’t just my life hanging in the balance, it is my eternity.


This carries on from the last with Reagan now in danger of being noticed by her father if the demon tells anyone in the Underworld about her so she she hatches a plan to go down there to kill the demon before it can get to Lucifer. Darius decides to tag along but only if she agrees to bond with him.

I wasn't as into this as the previous two. The trip into the Underworld/Hell wasn't as captivating as the previous two books' investigations/cases that Reagan had to deal with. Yes, the world that the author had created was brilliant in its ever-shifting landscapes, circus like areas, dragons patrolling and warring factions but it still didn't have that intrigue that I'd enjoyed in the previous two books.

I even missed seeing Callie and Dizzy, and sometimes they're a bit annoying. They did make an appearance at the start and the end but the middle chunk - which had to be about 80% of the book - they were missing.

The journey that Reagan and Darius have been on in this series has been a trip. It started out as a fascination with her scent and wondering exactly what she was, to working together while an attraction flared between them to falling in love and bonding to each other. Now that bit of this series, I have enjoyed.

I have enjoyed the beginning trilogy of this series and will be reading more of it and the author's other books at some point in the future.

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