Friday, 26 March 2021

Brimstone Bound - Helen Harper

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Book: Brimstone Bound
Author: Helen Harper
Series: Firebrand, #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Mystery, Vampires, Shapeshifters
Format: Kindle e-Book - Kindle Unlimited
Publication Date: 3rd September 2021

My Rating: 🌕🌕🌕
Date Finished: 25th March 2021


A werewolf killer. A paranormal murder. How many times can Emma Bellamy cheat death?

I’m one placement away from becoming a fully fledged London detective. It’s bad enough that my last assignment before I qualify is with Supernatural Squad. But that’s nothing compared to what happens next.

Brutally murdered by an unknown assailant, I wake up twelve hours later in the morgue – and I’m very much alive. I don’t know how or why it happened. I don’t know who killed me. All I know is that they might try again.

Werewolves are disappearing right, left and centre.

A mysterious vampire seems intent on following me everywhere I go.

And I have to solve my own vicious killing. Preferably before death comes for me again.


Got this from KU.

This starts with Emma heading to the Police's Academy building to learn where she will be placed next before graduating and becoming a Detective. Only instead of heading to the Cyber Crime team like she expects, she's sent to the Supe Squad - which everyone sees as being a punishment, including Emma. Nevertheless she heads outside to meet her mentor and is driven through London to meet the vampires and the werewolves. Later that same night Emma heads out after receiving a text from her mentor, only to find herself attacked and left to die - only Emma wakes up twelve hours later with no signs of trauma, only a thirst to find out who killed her.

I did enjoy this but not for the mystery. It was more for the Lord Horvath and Emma thing than finding out what had happened to the werewolves, her mentor and her. And in regards to her death...I was a bit disappointed by her killer and their reasoning for it. That person was definitely a little lot deranged. As for the werewolf and mentor thing, well, I was a little surprised though looking back at the start of the book now it all makes much more sense.

Going back to the thing that's brewing between Emma and a certain vampire Lord... I did enjoy that. Emma had a few shivers and sparks when they touched and he's intrigued by what she is and just her in general. She's braver than any other human he's met and he likes that.

So yeah, I went and downloaded book 2...

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