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Thick & Thin - Charlie Cochet

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Book: Thick & Thin
Author: Charlie Cochet
Series: THIRDS, #8
Genres: MM Romance, Paranormal
Format: Kindle e-Book - Kindle Unlimited
Publication Date: 1st February 2017

My Rating: 🌕🌕🌕🌜
Date Finished: 3rd January 2021


In a matter of days, Dex has been kidnapped, tortured, killed, revived, become half-Therian, offered the chance to become a spy, and accepted a proposal to marry his jaguar Therian boyfriend, Sloane Brodie. It’s been a lot to take in, and although Dex is still trying to wrap his head around everything that’s happened, he knows he has to move forward.

After the events of Smoke & Mirrors, Dex and Sloane find themselves in one of the most frightening situations of all: revealing the truth to their Destructive Delta family. When the dust settles, nothing will ever be the same, and it’s up to Dex to prove that in the face of change, the one thing that will always remain the same is family.


This one carries on from where the last one finished. Dex is now a human-therian hybrid and is trying to figure out how to tell his family and team mates about whats been going on with him lately.

It's a short one compared to most of the other books in this series but we still have quite a good storyline arc in it involving Wolf - one of Sparks' old colleagues - and how he's playing with them a little, which I'm sure will lead us right into the next one which is Seb and the doc's story that has been in the works for a handful of books.

I do love this group of friends. They are close and tease each other all the time but we've really gotten to know them over the last seven books and I think I'd have a serious meltdown if anything happened to any of them.

I accidentally bought book 9 a year or so ago, not realising I hadn't already got this one but now I've read it I can easily continue the story whenever I want - which will be soon, but not just yet. 

If you like mm romances where the guys can kick butt then you will really like this series.

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