Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Quest - Lara Kellett-Smith

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Book: Quest
Author: Lara Kellett-Smith
Series: First Snow, #1
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Format: Kindle e-Book
Publication Date: 30th December 2018

My Rating: DNF @ 25%
Date Finished: 27th October 2020


Hashtag tricked

Hashtag coerced

Hashtag there are no hashtags here…wherever here is.

Seventeen-year-old Jemma Alder is easy prey for her classmate. Tricked into crossing to another world and coerced into going on a dangerous Quest, Jemma must quickly learn how to survive in an 18th-century-like land against an unknown enemy. By her side is Aaron Norling…but tribal laws, ancient prejudices, and family secrets soon threaten their fragile love.


This is yet another A-Z read for my paranormal challenge. Getting there now. Check out my progress here. Still in need of books for J, X, Y and Z.

This starts with Jemma at school, disappointed that her friend is sick and isn't there to keep her company through the day. Instead the rich (mean) girls of her school take notice of her and ask her to join them at lunch. Jemma is wary but goes with them. Fast forward a week or so and she's at the Darkening Ball (I think that's its name anyway) where the rich farmer families get together to celebrate the days getting shorter (or something like that) and is bullied into wearing a ring by the bitchy Veronika, which ends up transporting her to another dimension/world.

This book was almost 400 pages on my kindle. As I've mentioned in previous reviews, long books are not my favourite unless I get pulled into the story. And I really didn't with this one. It was very... slow. I get the world building and getting to know some of the characters but I'll be brutally honest: I was bored. The description made it sound rather intriguing but the pace of it all was dragging along at it's own sweet pace. It was taking way too long for anything to happen and in the end, I just gave up at 25%.

Up to that point, there had been very little romance in the story. Jemma had a crush on Aaron - and had done for a while - but Aaron hadn't really shown any particular feelings for Jemma (yet). As a romance reader, I did feel like it was lacking in that respect.

One thing I feel I should be cheering was that it was set in Yorkshire. Woo! Think this is the first book I've read that's been set in my lovely county.

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