Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Hidden Power - Fiona Starr

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Book: Hidden Power
Author: Fiona Starr
Series: Academy of Elemental Magic, #1
Genres: Fantasy, Magic, Reverse Harem
Format: Kindle e-Book
Publication Date: 23rd January 2020

My Rating: 🌕🌕
Date Finished: 25th August 2020


A shifter, three sexy mages, and an Elemental with magic thought to be extinct… what could possibly go wrong?

I was born the day my parents died—talk about luck. I grew up bouncing around the foster system, never knowing when the rug would be pulled out from under me. Now, I’m twenty-two and while I’m free of the dangers of my childhood, life still isn’t easy.

When a strange couple appears chanting in some weird language, I try to walk away, but the guy whips out a freaking fire lasso and starts making like he’s going to hogtie me right there on the street. That’s when all kinds of crazy breaks loose. Next thing I know, I’m strapped to a bed in what looks like a hospital, I can’t speak, and some woman is telling me I’m a Vox Elemental, which leaves me a choice between getting shipped off to a magic school to train my voice or be silenced forever.

Of course I choose the school; who wouldn’t? Turns out my new home is a highly competitive, cut-throat academy where one wrong step could cost me everything. I promise myself that I’ll work hard and get free, which all goes out the window when I meet not one, not two, but four of the hottest guys I have ever seen, and they are definitely not part of the curriculum. As if juggling new relationships, a new school, and some rather testy mean girls weren’t enough, there’s also someone or something making a meal out of the student body—literally. Add that to the things I have to manage. Assuming I survive…

Some luck, huh?


I got this as a freebie a few months ago as I hunted for books to finish my Paranormal Roman & Urban Fantasy A-Z challenge on Goodreads.

This starts with Avaline doing her job as a lifeguard at the lake when she is attacked with magic by two assailants who know her name. She wakes up a month later to learn she, too, has magic. A dangerous magic. She has two choices and decides to stay at the school to learn how to control her vox magic.

I can't decide whether I liked this or not.

Everything was happening so quickly in it. She meets the guys, she lusts after them, she sleeps with one of them very quickly. She gets to lessons and on her second try ever she manages to make fire. I just expected things to take time...for her to initially struggle considering she didn't even know she had magic until a day or two ago.

I struggled to connect with the characters and wasn't really convinced by their relationships. I didn't feel any real sort of chemistry going on between any of them. Once again, I feel like this bit was rushed. I get lust but... I wasn't a fan of how the author wrote the romance parts.

This story had a lot of promise but we don't really learn much of anything. Ava learns about magic in lessons but we don't get to hear it. To me it feels like a bit of paper that's been scrunched into a ball and then flattened causing creases and ripples that means some details in the story have been glossed over. It could do with expanding a little with more details on certain aspects.

At this point I don't believe I'll be reading more of this series.

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