Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Tessa Ever After - Brighton Walsh

Book: Tessa Ever After
Author: Brighton Walsh
Series: Reluctant Hearts, #2
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Format: Kindle e-Book
Publication Date: 27th April 2018

My Rating: 🌕🌕🌕
Date Finished: 28th July 2020


No one's off-limits for this playboy...except his best friend's little sister.

Tessa Maxwell yearns to find the kind of love movies are made about. For four years, she's been struggling as a single mom, but she hasn't given up on the idea of giving her daughter the family she deserves. Or finding the one guy who can commit to them both.

Jason Montgomery can't commit to a side of the bed, let alone a woman. Trapped by burdens he wants no part of, the last thing he needs is the obligation of a built-in family. But his best friend's little sister is proving too hard to resist.

Jason's the very definition of trouble, but Tessa can't get him out of her mind...or her bed.And every day she spends by his side only serves to keep her from the one thing she wants more than anything--a happily ever after.


This one starts with Tessa late to pick up her daughter from day care as she struggles to adjust to life since her older brother, Cade, moved away and left her alone with everything. Cade used to be babysitter, chef, chauffeur, DIY-er and many other things that made Tessa's life much easier and she's struggling to get herself in gear. She's also online dating, trying to find the older guy who'll be there and treat her right...when maybe the guy she really wants is a little closer to home.
In walks her brothers best friend, Jason, who Cade has tasked with keeping an eye on her. Jason's view of Tessa has slowly been changing from "best friends little sister" to gorgeous woman and mum and after some warnings from Cade and encouragement from their joint friend Adam, he decides to pursue Tessa.

First things first, I feel like I need to let you know that I have a big weakness for super cute children in my romances and Haley is certainly that. There were some really cute scenes with her and Tessa and Jason. She was super cuteness personified.

I did like their relationship. It was cute how it progressed and I'm glad they stuck with each other despite the obstacles that popped up here and there. And of course there was a misunderstanding that caused a slight rift but luckily they got around it and became a very cute little family unit.

Some of the secondary characters like Adam and Paige grew on me in this. We got to know Paige more than Adam but she seems to need to find that special someone and I think sparks may be flying between her and Adam in the next one. I'm not sure if I'll read it though.

I think I missed some of the angst that can happen in the romances I like with this. It was a little too nice. I like the bad boy type to be full of tattoos and dirty mouthed so they can rile their love interest up enough for her to answer back and sparks to fly.

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