Thursday, 28 May 2020

Almost Never - Amy Lamont

Book: Almost Never
Author: Amy Lamont
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult
Format: Kindle e-Book
Publication Date: 13th September 2018

My Rating: 🌕🌕
Date Finished: 28th May 2020


Son of an aging rock star, Declan Cooper is considered royalty on the Warren College campus. When he meets petite freshman Harper Warden, he dismisses her as just another groupie. He realizes his mistake pretty quickly, but despite his near-obsession with the premed student, he keeps his distance. The last thing she needs is the notoriety that comes along with being connected to his infamous family.

Getting blown off by the sexy and popular King of Campus is the kiss of death for the new life Harper hoped to make for herself at college. Her only goal now is to get into medical school so she can leave her past, and Declan Cooper, far behind. But when the plans Harper made are threatened, Declan might be the only person who can help. All she has to do is trust him with a few small things—like her heart and her future.


This starts with what I guess is a prologue where we see Harper joining Declan at her first campus party. Things don't go as she was hoping when she sees her high-school bully whispering and pointing in her direction and the rumours she's spreading get back to Declan. Fast forward two years and neither has spoken to the other, though they keep secretly checking on the other, and only come together again when they see a mutual opportunity: Harper will help him pass a class and Declan will help her be noticed by her professor. Their attraction blooms once more as they spend time together again

I'll admit the cover pulled me in and when I got this, it was free.

I liked this initially but I started to lose interest about the 40% mark. It just wasn't gelling with me, I found the style a little awkward at times and Harpers attitude rubbed me the wrong way. She thought the worst of everyone and everything. It's like she didn't see anything as a bright spot, it was all down and out. One quote seemed fitting: 
"I guess overreacting is my thing lately."
How about all the time?! Maybe some of it was warranted but come one! I got very fed up with her look on life. So much so that I totally lost interest in this one. I didn't read the sex scene as I didn't really care about the characters or the storyline, but I wanted to finish it.

And I did. Finally.

I'm glad Harper finally got a backbone, dealing with her aunt and getting into that much longed for medical program. And I'm glad Declan stood up to his dad. Other than that, I didn't care about the rest.

This didn't work for me at all and I'm not sure if I'll be reading more books by this author.

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