Monday, 27 April 2020

Skinwalker - Faith Hunter

Book: Skinwalker
Author: Faith Hunter
Series: Jane Yellowrock, #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Shapeshifters, Vampires
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 7th July 2009

My Rating: 🌕🌕🌕🌜
Date Finished: 27th April 2020


Jane Yellowrock is the last of her kind—a skinwalker of Cherokee descent who can turn into any creature she desires and hunts vampires for a living. But now she’s been hired by Katherine Fontaneau, one of the oldest vampires in New Orleans and the madam of Katies’s Ladies, to hunt a powerful rogue vampire who’s killing other vamps.

Amidst a bordello full of real “ladies of the night,” and a hot Cajun biker with a panther tattoo who stirs her carnal desire, Jane must stay focused and complete her mission—or else the next skin she’ll need to save just may be her own...


I've been eyeing this book for a long time. I was having one of those Am-I-going-to-like-this-if-I-buy-it? moments. And then I found it in paperback quite cheap on a book site so I took the plunge.

This starts with Jane going to New Orleans to meet a vampire client who asks her to take down a rogue vampire that has been killing and eating people and just leaving what's left of them in the street. It's the first time Jane has ever met a sane vampire and she's not sure what to make of her at first and meets a mix of characters as she hunts down the rogue killer.

I did like this but as a reader of romances, I did feel this lacked it a lot. There's some flirting going on but nothing concrete. That's not to say I didn't get dragged into the story. I was as intrigued with finding out who the rogue was and how they were managing to get away all the time.

Jane was a strong character and I enjoyed seeing inside her mind and how she dealt with Beast when she turned into her cat form.

We had a handful of secondary characters like Rick, Jodi, Leo and Bruiser - George - that I grew to like and I'm intrigued how Jane's relationship with them will grow in future books.

I'm intrigued enough to continue the series at some point.

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