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In the Arms of the Elite - C.M. Stunich

Book: In the Arms of the Elite
Author :C.M. Stunich
Series: Rich Boys of Burberry Prep, #4
Genres: Young Adult, Bullying, Reverse Harem
Format: Kindle e-Book - Kindle Unlimited
Publication Date: 7th June 2019
My Rating: πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒœ
Date Finished: 25th December 2019


Choose between the rich boys.
I’d rather face the Harpies than make that choice.
How can my four years at Burberry Prep really be coming to an end?
No, Tristan, Zayd, Creed, Zack, and Windsor are everything to me right now.
My strength, my passion, my heart, my empathy, my joy.
Love is a cruel master, but I have no one to blame for this but myself.


We fell in love with the charity case.
Idols of the school, the kings of the campus, and we’re nothing without her.
Marnye Elizabeth Reed.
This girl has twisted our world upside down, but the Infinity Club is about to knock us all on our asses.
Big money, political ties, family bonds, obligations: shit is going down at the academy.
The rest of our lives, the rest of her life … it all comes down to this one, final moment.


I know this series has some issues that people will struggle with. The bullying is pretty bad at times and some of the stuff these kids got up to when they were 15? I cringe remembering but this is the fourth and final book of the series so something about it has kept me hooked.

Marnye is entering her final year of Burberry Prep. She wants to graduate the top of her class and head off to her dream university, Bornstead. If the five boys she's torn between follow her there then that's a bonus for her. Her mission is to bring down the remaining Bluebloods and to stop bullying at the school and the Infinity Clubs influence. Nothing is ever easy, though. I'm also not going to go into any more detail as it will totally spoil the story for you.

I'll hold my hand up and say that the two Z's - Zach and Zayd have always been my favourites but we see a softer side to all of them in this and I truly - FINALLY! - believe that the boys care for her. Even Tristan, who's cold and stiff most of the time, had a really nice scene in this with Marnye and I actually softened a lot towards him. Creed is still the "look bored while totally caring" one but he did have a few cute scenes with Maryne, too. And then finally Windsor, the Prince. I'd liked him all along but I never quite understood his fascination with Marnye when he finally arrived at the school so he was never going to be top of my list. Above is probably my preferred order of the boys, which is a little strange BUT at the end of the book there's an Author's Note where she mentions being interested in doing an older series following this group as they head off to University as there little group of six and I have to say I am interested in that!

So, yeah. The series has grown on me a lot since that first one where when I started the second book it was all about Marnye getting her revenge on the Idols for the crap they'd pulled.

My rating is only a 3.5 for this as I do feel a bit like the ending wasn't entirely finished, though Harper du Pont did get what she deserved.

This is a little messed up initially but if you like bully romances and reverse harem books then you should totally give this a go and stick it out after the slightly cringe-worthy sex scenes and evil plots.

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