Wednesday, 14 August 2019

The Last Piece of My Heart - Paige Toon

Book: The Last Piece of My Heart
Author: Paige Toon
Genre: Chick-lit
Format: Paperback
Date Published: 1st June 2017

Date Read: 14th August 2019
My Rating: 🌕🌕🌕🌜


When life feels like a puzzle, sometimes it’s the small pieces that make up the bigger picture...

A successful travel journalist, Bridget has ambitions to turn her quirky relationship blog into a book. But then a different proposition catches her eye.

Nicole Dupré died leaving behind a bestselling novel and an incomplete sequel. Tasked with finishing the book, Bridget is thankful to have a chance to show off what she can do, even if it means relocating to Cornwall and answering to Nicole's grieving husband, Charlie. But as she gets to know the family Nicole left behind, and the woman behind the words, Bridget's priorities begin to change...


Paige Toon has always been an author I'll buy. I've pretty much read all of her books apart from her last two or three--which I own but haven't gotten around to reading yet. I always tend to find Toon's books easy to get through and once I start, it's a case of full steam ahead.

So Bridget is a travel journalist who is also writing a blog about reclaiming the pieces of her heart that she lost to past boyfriends who she fell in love with, flying all over the world to meet up with them and asking for the pieces back. At the same time, she's been tasked with finishing writing a sequel to a bestselling novel after the author died suddenly half way through writing it.

It was interesting to read the authors journals and to see that a lot of her story was based on her own experiences when she was younger. I enjoyed Bridget's time getting to know Nicki--the author who had sadly passed away--through the stories told in notebooks and from her husband, Charlie.

Then there's Nicki and Charlie's baby daughter, April. I've got a serious weakness for cute babies/children in stories. She's used as a pretty focal character in the book and I think, like Bridget, that we start to fall in love with her from early on.

I think Toon did a good job of writing a grieving husband (and other family members) and the tenderness of finding new love after such a big loss.

I'm looking forward to reading those other books I mentioned above.

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