Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Fear the Reaper - Jami Gray (Netgalley)

Book: Fear the Reaper
Author: Jami Gray
Series: Fate's Vultures #4
Genres: Futuristic, Second-Chance Romance
Format: MOBI e-Book
Date Published: 20th September 2019

Date Read: 31st July 2019
My Rating: Did Not Finish @ 54%


When the hunter becomes the hunted, it’s time to reap what you sowed…

The world didn't end in fire and explosions, instead it collapsed slowly, like falling dominoes, an intensifying panic of disease, food shortages, wild weather and collapsing economies, until what remained of humanity battles for survival in a harsh new reality.

After vowing to never again put his life on the line for another’s ambitions, Reaper, leader of Fate’s Vultures, has earned himself a formidable reputation. Unfortunately, that reputation isn’t enough to stop an old enemy from retaliating. With bounty hunters sniffing at their heels, Reaper vows retribution and takes the Vultures to the one person no one expects—Lilith, the woman he once loved.

As leader of the Rocky Mountain territory, Lilith has paid dearly for a position that kept her secrets safe. When a looming threat draws close, every devil’s bargain she’s made falls by the wayside and she is forced to partner with the man who walked away.

With no choice but to work together against a common enemy, Lilith and Reaper need to find their way through the minefield of past betrayals and broken promises to ensure a future for those they’ve sworn to protect … before it all goes to hell.


I've never read any books by this author and neither have I read the previous books in the series but that wasn't a big issue as the events of the previous books are explained in short pretty early on in memories and discussions between the characters but you still feel like you've missed something.

There is a history between Reaper and Lilith and I enjoyed the chemistry that still sparked. It was definitely a second chance romance while trying to bring about a certain someones downfall.

It had some nice description in this but I did struggle at times to get absorbed in the story. I'd pick it up, read about 5% and then put it back down again and concentrate on my paperback instead. I think it sounded more like my kind of read than what it turned out to be.

If you liked the previous books or like futuristic stories set on Earth where everything has gone to ruins and people are doing what ever they can to make money and keep the peace between the remaining areas of the USA then you'll more than likely enjoy this.

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