Sunday, 4 August 2019

Darling, All at Once - Piper Lennox

Book: Darling, All at Once
Author: Piper Lennox
Series: The Fairfields #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Pregnancy
Format: Kindle e-Book
Publication Date: 27th August 2018

Date Finished: 4th August 2019
My Rating: 🌕🌕🌕🌕


Wasted, covered in glitter, and wearing the ugliest dress in existence.
Also known as: me, the night I stumble into bed with a Fairfield.

Cohen isn’t my type. Not even a little. I mean, other than his legendary family genes, and a smirk that leaves me as breathless as it does enraged.

One night. That’s all I want.

Then daylight comes, and all I want is to forget him. There’s just one problem: that night was too incredible to black out.

Actually, there are two problems.

Now my sister wants me to be her surrogate. To carry her child. To be pregnant.

But, as luck would have it…I already am.

* * *

Wasted, hungover, in that dress or out of it: there’s not a single version of Juliet I don’t find beautiful. Including knocked-up.

I’m a joker. I’m immature. She’s got a long list of reasons why I’m not her type.

But thank God for hormones: now she needs something. Bad. And I can give it to her, in about a hundred different ways.

I promise her our arrangement will stay purely physical.

I’m a liar.


I loved how Cohen was a candy floss vendor at Juliet's sisters wedding. That just screams fun to me so I was enjoying this from early on. And then there's the slightly drunken sex after said wedding ends and I was drawn into this.

Cohen's boyish charms really won me over, as did his constant hoping for more with Juliet. Juliet, on the other hand, could deny her attraction and want for something more with him until she was blue in the face but it was pretty obvious after a while so about half way through when they gave in and became a couple I was really happy for them.

Of course nothing ever goes as planned and their relationship goes through a few rough patches but the baby brought them together for a lot of it. It was really cute. I seem to have a soft spot for babies and toddlers in my romances. They just add a touch of...tenderness to the characters. I melt a little when a big tough guy goes all gentle and sweet with a cute little kid--or even his pregnant girlfriend.

I really liked this, it was pretty high on cuteness in my opinion. I'm intrigued about who's going to star in the rest of this series so I will be keeping my eye out for other books in the series.

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